MARBERT Subbrand Shower Gel

The Bestseller now also available as Shower Gel!

HOMME Hair & Body Wash, 200ml – RSP 4,95€

HOMME, the popular classic fragrance, is now complemented by a hair & body wash. The new Hair & Body Wash gently cleanses the skin and hair, refreshes the skin and retains its moisture content. The timelessly classic fragrance with a note of citrus and wood underlines the masculinity of the wearer leaving a vigorous and distinctive impression.

WOMAN Bath & Shower Gel, 200ml – RSP 4,95€

The new WOMAN bath and shower gel makes taking a shower a sensual experience of warmth and elegance. The elegantly classic fragrance combines alluring femininity with mystical depth.

WOMAN RED Bath & Shower Gel, 200ml – RSP 4,95€

The WOMAN RED bath and shower gel recalls an oriental summer evening. Its alluring and sensual fragrance combines prickly energy with a deep sensuality for the special moments in life.

SUN SPIRIT Bath & Shower Gel, 200ml – RSP 4,95€

Inspired by warm sun rays, the fresh summer fragrance of SUN SPIRIT bath and shower gel takes you to a cheerful summer day providing a feeling of summer even on winter days.