MARBERT Bath & Body Sensitive

Sensitive skin says goodbye to irritation.

The proven MARBERT Bath & Body Classic body skin care line pampers and protects the skin with nourishing active ingredients. Our NEW Bath & Body Sensitive line was formulated specifically for sensitive and dry skin. With Gentle Shower Cream and Rich Body Lotion, the skin of the entire body becomes well-nourished and soft to the touch. Both products have a neutral pH and are free of PEG compounds.

Bath & Body Sensitive Gentle Shower Cream, 400ml – RSP 14,95€

For all skin types

This gentle shower cream prevents sensitive and dry skin from becoming stressed and dry, even while showering: It cleanses very gently without leaving the skin feeling uncomfortably taut. Allantoin and panthenol soothe and nourish the skin for enhanced well-being. Coco-glucoside is an extremely skin-friendly surfactant that enhances tolerability while making the Shower Cream extra mild.

Bath & Body Sensitive Rich Body Lotion, 400ml – RSP 14,95€

For all skin types

A skin care sensation for absolute well-being: This deeply nourishing body lotion with its mild fragrance soothes and is quickly absorbed. Shea butter and avocado oil help prevent skin dehydration. Panthenol is anti-inflammatory and ensures that skin maintains its ability to retain moisture and its elasticity while supporting cell renewal. Glycerin has the added benefit of providing moisture.

Bath & Body Sensitive Aluminium-free Cream Deodorant, 40ml – RSP 14,95€

Cream deodorant for long-lasting protection.

Skin-friendly 24h antiperspirant cream deodorant for long-lasting protection. Ideal for delicate, sensitive skin. Dermatologist tested.