Hygienic effective cleansing and intensive care.

Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial, 400ml – RSP 15,95€

This antibacterial hand sanitizer cleans your hands, kills bacteria and cares for your skin. Apply hand gel to your hands and rub in. Do not add water. For optimum results, rub in for 30 seconds. Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Flammable! Keep away from naked flames! Do not smoke. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the packaging or label for the product.

Hand Wash Antibacteriall, 400ml – RSP 12,95€

Offers your hands a well-tolerated, hygienic cleaning without drying them out. The pH-skin-neutral formula with antibacterial active complex gives the hands a well-groomed skin feeling when washing. It is also suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

SOS Repair Hand Cream, 75ml – RSP 8,95€

This rich, ultra-nourishing hand cream soothes and repairs dry, cracked hands. The moisturising formula with panthenol alleviates tightness, improves the skin’s natural barrier and absorbs quickly. The active antibacterial ingredients kill unwanted bacteria on the skin at the same time. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.